Rabat Morocco

Rabat Morocco

The Moroccan capital is a city that is occupied and continually humming with life.

It has a long and rich history and is the ideal spot to visit many enrapturing chronicled milestones.

Regardless of whether you are an admirer of history, engineering or nature, Rabat will figure out how to tempt you.

Here are the exercises we suggest around Rabat:

The Hassan Tower and the close by Mausoleum are placing you shouldn’t miss when you go to Rabat.

The development of the Hassan Tower began in the twelfth century.

It was planned to turn into the minaret for the biggest mosque in the whole world.

Tragically the Moroccan ruler Yacoub al-Mansour who had started the task passed on before it could be finished.

In 2012

these remains turned out to be a piece of the UNESCO world legacy destinations and these days you can stroll around the site and respect the magnificence of

The delightful and complex examples on the pinnacle, just as the columns masterminded in balanced flawlessness on the ground, make this spot an absolute necessity see on your visit to.

Just before the incomplete minaret lies the delightful tomb of King Mohammad V and his two children.

It is conceivable to visit the inside of the catacomb which is monitored by individuals from the Moroccan Royal Guard.

The tomb is additionally open to non-Muslims and all guests are reminded to remain calm and discrete inside the Mausoleum.

Chellah is an old medieval sustained city situated on the edges of Rabat along the banks of the Bou Regreg River.

A Merenid Sultan based upon It’s a pre-Islamic Roman city that left in rot in 1154 and afterward.


It’s a tranquil spot and it’s the ideal spot to get away from the hordes of Rabat.

The entire region is shrouded in surrendered structures, congested plants, and perfect blossoms.

There are little pathways that permit guests to stroll around the relinquished minaret and the necropolis.

The relinquished city is currently the home of gatherings of storks who made their homes on the old minarets.

The size of this zoo and the sheer measure of various species that can be seen here (130 distinct types of creatures) makes this spot deserving of an entire

This zoo additionally has a couple of the creatures one would fantasy about observing on an African safari, for example, elephants, lions, rhinos and hippos.

An incredible component of this zoo is that all the creatures are in recreated situations like a mimicked mountain, desert, Savannah and downpour backwoods living spaces for instance.

It’s most likely a long way from how you had envisioned your outing to Rabat however trust me, it should be remembered for the sights you visit.

In the cutting edge world, we will, in general, consider demise and magnificence as contradictory.


One gander at this lovely colorful graveyard confronting the ocean on the edges of Rabat will persuade you in any case.

A huge number of headstones are perfectly adjusted in lines on a slope sitting above the coastline of Rabat.

In winter, yellow blossoms spread the cemetery changing this spot in a serene sight.

The Kings Palace in Rabat is the official home of King Hassan II and the regal family.

On being where the ruler and his family invest the greater part of their energy, this royal residence is additionally a spot where a large number of the most

significant legislative workplaces in the nation are found.

The official name of this royal residence is El Mechouar Essaid Palace, which implies the scene of bliss castle.


The roomy grounds additionally incorporate authoritative and administrative structures, trees and cultivates, and an enormous procession square.

The royal residence must be appreciated from a separation as the passage is illegal.

That being stated, despite everything feels superb and gigantic, even from far.

Only outside of Kasbah des Oudaias, there is a huge zone where the Bou Regreg waterway and the ocean meet.

An exceptionally cool action to do while in Rabat is to go on a short pontoon ride on this waterway.

The pontoons are rowboats so they’re peaceful and they’re extremely perfect for a casual night on the waterway.

They’re additionally an extraordinary method to see the old braced Kasbah from an alternate point of view.


A lot of families meet up on the vessels for some family time around nightfall.

You should arrange the cost with the folks offering the administration yet it’s absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!

An excursion over the stream to Salé will cost around 2 MAD however going more remote will undoubtedly cost significantly more.

It’s roosted on a precipice sitting above where the Bou Regreg River and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

You won’t experience the same number of vendors and craftsmen here as in different Kasbahs and Medinas of Morocco yet the ones you’ll meet make them stun wooden gifts available to be purchased.


We were there in the week and how tranquil shocked and us serene the little lanes were. The quietness the incidental Gnawa artists just broke the quietness we would run over…

Some portion of the dividers and the houses have been painted in blue, which helped us to remember CHefchaouen, Morocco’s popular blue city.

To enter Kasbah des Oudaias you should stroll through the first fabulous entryways of the old city. I strongly prescribe taking a couple of pictures at these antiquated entryways.

Straightforwardly at the privilege of the passageway of Kasbah des Oudaias, you will locate the Andalusian Gardens where you could sit and unwind while appreciating the blossoms before proceeding with the investigation of the Kasbah.

 Walkthrough the Andalusian Gardens

I was reluctant about entering the Kasbah des Oudaias from the outset since I felt it would be excessively like all the Kasbahs I had seen before in Morocco.

As I entered this old city, I was intellectually setting myself up for a significant distance and miles of limited boulevards.

Envision my unexpected when after entering the old Kasbah I strolled into one of the most lovely gardens I had found in the nation. There were blossoms left and right and the entire spot had an environment of alleviating tranquility.

The French worked these faultless nurseries in the twentieth century. They have kept up in ideal conditions until today. Here you will see a blend of Andalusian blossoms and bushes just as some orange, lemon, and banana trees.

The nurseries are exceptionally unwinding. While we were there we saw a couple of individuals perusing books under the trees in the organization of the felines who consider this spot their home. On the off chance that we would live in Rabat, perusing right now effectively become our day by day custom.

9) Outgoing in the old Medina

Become mixed up in the lanes of Rabat’s old downtown area. It feels thrilling to stroll among a huge number of individuals pressed between slows down of shippers selling intriguing produce from all around the nation.

Rabat is no exemption to this yet fortunately. The lanes of its Medina are a lot simpler to explore. Somewhat less overwhelming for some than those of Marrakesh, Fez or Meknes.

This old city is considerably less confused and more available than others around the nation.

This implies guests coming here will have the option to stroll around without focusing excessively and essentially appreciate the experience

The Medina has all that you might need to purchase from high-quality cleanser to wooden figures and everything in the middle. It’s the perfect spot to discover a few keepsakes for companions or relatives before heading back home.readmore

10) Admire the beacon and unwind on the coast

Rabat and the close by city of Salé both have delightful coastlines for the individuals who need to get away from the buzzing about the city and take in the crisp oceanside air.

Rabat likewise has a few seashores, in any case, the primary ones are typically very occupied. I would prescribe taking a mutual taxi from the middle to go to more out of control seashores situated around 13 km south of the city.

Not very a long way from Kasbah des Oudaias before the mammoth burial ground. There is a beacon that we discovered especially wonderful.

We went there at dusk and it looked fabulous!

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